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Here is a picture of one of my very first paintings “A Fine Day for a Drive”. It’s pretty crude, but I loved it so much that I made a little animation inspired by it. What was I thinking? They sure look like they’re having fun...

The animation is from my old site, but I thought I’d revive it because it’s so funny. Again, what am I thinking? I like the nose blowing the best. I really like the sound effect! Haaah. I don’t have any start or stop buttons, so you’ll just have to refresh to watch the video. Enjoy! :-)
My old site around 10 years old. I never updated it, because html scares me. You’ll find a lot of early artwork there, as well. They were very textured and kinda violent. Some of my favorite paintings live here. I’ll have these in my etsy shoppee, too, because they are so funny! My old sculptures are there, too. Looks like I had a fascination with teeth (still do, I guess), pointy things and skulls. Hahaha. Doctor Rosenclaw is very scary and he is in a box in the garage. I just don’t have to heart to get rid of him quite yet.